Why Should You Rent A Villa Over Staying In A Hotel?

Why Should You Rent A Villa Over Staying In A Hotel?

Why Should You Rent A Villa Over Staying In A Hotel?

Your neighbor is driving you crazy. They won’t stop bragging about their trip to Turks and Caicos and the incredible villa they rented. Well, truth be told, Turks and Caicos is an incredible vacation location; and the best way to enjoy the area during your stay is actually to rent a villa. Whereas your boastful neighbor could likely use a little more finesse and improved storytelling capabilities, they have a point.

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Renting a villa provides Turks and Caicos vacationers with the best accommodations experience available. As a matter fact, some of the finest, most desirable villas in the Caribbean are located on the islands of Turks and Caicos. Many have beachfront access and breathtaking views.

Let’s check out the best reasons for renting a villa, rather than staying in a hotel.

Customize the Kind of Vacation You Want

What kind of vacation are you looking for? Different experiences can be enjoyed in various neighborhoods. Want to go to restaurants, go on walks, do a little snorkeling? Turtle Cove has the perfect villa for you. Looking for a little more privacy and romance? Check out Leeward villas. More exhilarating activities like water sports are available when staying at a villa on Long Bay Beach.

Bonuses, Amenities, and Extras

Many villas are beachfront properties and give you the option of swimming in the ocean or a luxurious pool (or pools). Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the pool all to yourself and not have to share it with 200 other hotel guests? Some villas also have water sports equipment and outdoor barbecue grills.

Kid Friendly and Family Oriented

You have better control of your environment when renting a villa as opposed to a hotel. When you need to keep an eye on the kids, that’s important. The villa will have games, toys, highchairs, and a kitchen in which to prepare the foods your family loves. Preparing meals “at home” also helps save money.

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Find the Perfect Beach

When renting a villa, with so many choices, you get to pick the location you prefer. If you like one beach more than you like another beach, there is likely a villa nearby. Looking for a few water sports, a relaxing atmosphere, and a white sand beach? Check out the villas at Long Beach Bay. If you want to go snorkeling on Smith’s Reef, the villas at Grace Bay Beach might be more suitable.

A Villa to Fit Your Needs

Most hotels are basically the same. But when selecting a villa, you are able to consider your precise needs and find the villa that’s perfect for you. Carefully select the amenities and square footage that meet your needs. There are seemingly endless choices when it comes to villas.


Though room service and other amenities do apply to hotels, there are numerous negative aspects. One of those is the serious lack of privacy! One of the bigger differences is cost. When it comes to effective and efficient ways to travel, a villa out does a hotel room. This is particularly applicable if you are traveling in a large group where expenses can be shared. Villas have prime locations, style, lots of space, and amenities. Tint Turks and Caicos can help you find the best, most appropriate villa for your needs. Traveling with a group? Villas with seven rooms that sleep 14 people are available. Traveling with just you and your family? Small villas are plentiful, as well. Contact one of our professionals today to see what your options are.